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CBRE X Business Chicks talk buying property

To buy with your heart or your head? We covered all this and more in a partnered event with Business Chicks.

MC'd by whimn's editor, Mel Shedden and joined by a stellar panel including Classic Finance Group's Nancy Youssef, our own Caroline Fagerlund, Director, and CBRE Residential client Sarah Willsallen.

The evening was an opportunity for a group of motivated women seeking to either buy their first property or start a portfolio, to listen to leaders in the property field. With pen and paper in hand, the women sat and soaked up the in-depth personal and professional reflections from the panelists; a group who themselves understand what it takes to kick start financial independence through purchasing property/

One of the biggest takeaways from the evening was the importance of doing your research when entering the market. This includes attending multiple inspections to understand the area and the homes on offer. For those seeking to grow an investment portfolio, inspections are vital to understanding renters’ expectations of properties and again- what is on offer. 

For those seeking lending: preparation and stability are crucial. Having your affairs in order and showcasing financial stability will increase the likelihood of approved loans. 

We look forward to continuing to keep our community up to date.